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“One of the most inefficient aspects of the search fund model is the search process itself. can be a helpful resource to MBAs actively searching for businesses. This website helps founders build awareness for their businesses with MBAs and search funders.” -Jeff Meltzer, Founder of

Finding the right business for your search fund initiative isn’t easy. In fact, some have compared it to finding a needle in a haystack. Why? As a business professional, you already understand the challenges you’re up against:

  • Founders are naturally skeptical of private equity
  • Most founders have never heard of a search fund
  • Few founders are actually interested in what your fund offers
  • Many founders have difficulty accepting your terms

As someone who has owned several businesses over the past twenty-five years, I can attest to all of these being true.

Reversing the Equation

So, what’s your solution? Time is running short, and you don’t have an unlimited amount of time or money to find the perfect business.

Meet, a platform designed to help MBAs like you to connect with founders like me. Since launching in late 2015, we’ve had an overwhelming response – particularly from business owners.

Founders are reading this site to educate themselves on their options. Many have already asked me to connect them with professionals just like you.

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-Jeff Meltzer

Jeff Meltzer is a business owner and founder of Connect with Jeff today.