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“Small business owners face a number of challenges. Deciding to bring on new talent, keep going as-is, or sell out entirely is a topic few founders ever consider…until it’s too late.” -Jeff Meltzer, Founder of

If you’ve founded and grown a business, like I have, you understand how difficult it is to achieve success in today’s competitive environment.

Once you’ve achieved a certain level of success, however, your mindset may shift to the question, “What’s next?”. You obviously can’t run the business forever – even if you wanted to. On the other hand, you want to see your company continue to thrive even after you’re out of the picture.

Bad Options = Bad Outcomes

So, what are your options? As I pointed out in my story, there are traditionally only a handful of options:

  • Work at the same high level until you die
  • Try to sell your business through a business broker
  • Try to sell your business as you would a “for sale by owner” home
  • Wait for a traditional search fund to find you
  • Give up and close your doors

In my opinion, none of these options are very viable.

How this Site Helps Founders Like You

For these reasons, I decided to start My primary goal with this site is to share the things I’ve learned with fellow business owners like you. Having put myself through the ringer to bring on outside capital, I’ve learned a lot the hard way and hope to save you the same frustration. In addition, I hope to help you connect with some of the nice people I’ve met in the search fund and private equity world. My hope is that these connections will provide you with a viable conduit to a full (or partial) exit from your company.

Instead of the private equity guys “searching” for you, let’s go searching together for private equity. I’m game if you are. Let’s connect today.

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-Jeff Meltzer

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