Welcome to ReverseSearchFund.com. If you’re new to this website, allow me to offer a brief explanation of how it came into existence before we get into the legal stuff.

Here are the facts about me and this website:

  • My name is Jeff Meltzer, and I’ve owned and managed my own business in Los Angeles for over twenty years.
  • My expertise is actually in the construction and hardwood flooring industries.
  • I’m fascinated by business.
  • In order to plan for the future of my own business, I started researching the private equity and search fund models.
  • After spending a few years learning more about these models, I realized that fellow business owners like myself were being left out of the conversation.
  • I’m not a licensed business broker or anything like that. Just a business owner who is interested in helping fellow founders and making new business connections.
  • ReverseSearchFund.com is not an actual search fund. It’s just the name of this website, which I believe accurately expresses the sentiment of the published content. In essence, by calling the website “Reverse” Search Fund, I’m simply parodying a financial term in order to create awareness with fellow business owners.

Consider these additional facts when reading content from this website or related ReverseSearchFund.com branded communications (including social media, emails, or other forms of communication):

  • The published content reflects personal opinion and does not offer professional, legal, accounting, or any other professional advice.
  • As stated above, I am not an expert on the matters discussed; rather, I (and any other authors published on this website) am merely offering personal opinion and sharing my experiences from interacting with the private equity and search fund industries.
  • No guarantees are made or implied, therefore no earning or other financial claims are made.
  • Published content is meant to be provided to the reader in a purely educational, self-help manner.
  • Seek appropriate professional advice before making any decisions relating to the future planning needs of your business.

Also, in order to comply with the FTC’s Guidelines, we must also mention the following:

  • In most cases the content on this website is purely informational. In these situations, no direct compensation is received.
  • In some cases, we may accept guest contributions from other writers. If compensation was received from a third party for inclusion on this website, we will disclose that fact within the body of the particular article. In other cases, no compensation may be received from guest contributors, and therefore no disclosure would be necessary.
  • As stated in this website’s privacy policy, this website may also display advertisements from third parties. Such advertisements will be prominently marked as such.
  • In addition, readers of this website may ask us to contact them and help them make third party connections in the private equity, search fund, human resource, or other industries (“match making service”). In certain situations, by providing this match making service, ReverseSearchFund.com may receive compensation from its third party partners.

In conclusion, this website aims to serve as an informational resource for many years to come. We make every effort to respect and follow local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations.

-Jeff Meltzer
Founder, ReverseSearchFund.com