I started ReverseSearchFund.com to serve as an informational resource, primarily to fellow business owners. In my conversations with hundreds of fellow founders, it became apparent that very few stop to think about a long-term exit strategy for themselves. Even fewer had ever heard of a “search fund.”

I’m by no means an expert on this subject; however, in my initial dealings with the search fund community, it seemed that many private equity deals are weighted to the buyer and not the founder. This was troubling to me. In addition, it seemed that many search funds spend months (or even years) and thousands (or millions) of dollars to locate the perfect company to acquire.

ReverseSearchFund.com aims to streamline the process and empower the founder. This website is not an actual “fund” per se. It’s really just an opportunity to educate my fellow business owners, based on what I’ve learned so far. The site also serves as a platform to connect private equity firms, MBAs, and founders in a more efficient manner. To recap, we aim to offer:

For Founders

  • Helpful articles for founders, based on my own experience
  • Tips from MBAs, searchers, and those in the investment community
  • A free, educational email newsletter (sign up here)

For MBAs, Searchers, & Investors

  • “Search blast” newsletter, featuring founders who need your help (sign up here)

Since launching the site in late 2015, we’ve been overwhelmed with the interest this site has yielded thus far. The future looks bright, so sign up to receive our emails.

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-Jeff Meltzer

Jeff Meltzer is a business owner and founder of ReverseSearchFund.com. Connect with Jeff today.